Brand : Muffy Morrigan

The Summoning (Custodes Noctis)

Keri |


You travel through "the journey" with the brothers to find yourself caught up in the swiftly flowing story of "the summoning." i end was surprising, kept well hidden until the final chapter. i look forward to seeing where this story continues to go.

Rob cook/rob chef |

A thoroughly enjoyable ride!

This is a well written, fast-paced adventure that took me along for the ride! i was caught up in the frenzy and the excitement as the characters filled my mind with their individual talents and distinctive personalities. i was drawn to continue reading, even not wanting to put it down. i loved how readable it was and i was very entertained! just a tease, i loved the ravens! i was consumed in the story and will find myself looking at ravens and even nature around me a little differently! for me to finish it in 2 days is amazing since i often find excuses not to read. now i am starting the book written prior to this. yes i'm going back! i do like going my own way. great work ms. morrigan!

Roger |

Unpredictable and excellent read.

Excellent couple of stories wasn't sure where the first one was going which made it unpredictable and enjoyable. i love the stories of the two brothers and hope muffy writes more soon!