Brand : William Shakespeare

The Tempest (Annotated)

M. heiss |

Better than folger's and barron's for this play

I am reviewing the simply shakespeare edition, not the tempest. the tempest is not my favorite play to read or work on. i have no use for prospero, i think it's ridiculous that all the names are so similar, and caliban is obnoxious. ariel is obnoxious, too. having said that, one of my sons chose it, so i had to find a version that would make studying it less of a chore. i got this version, barron's, and folger's (i learned the play with folger's.) what i appreciate about the simply shakespeare edition is as follows: + good background information about the play, including cadences and why shakespeare wrote the way he did. + introductions for each act, including things to watch for. + activities after each act, to engage interested learners. several good ideas. + repeatedly emphasizes shakespeare's use of magic + points out many examples of shakespeare writing stage directions into the dialog this is the best of the three versions i read to prep for reading this with my family.

Nicholas |

An ingenious writer

Classic shakespeare at his finest. i had to read this book for school and was satisfied with the read. the plot, characters, and setting is all so unique and reminds me of the tv series lost. although shakespeare is hard to read at times, this book is rather easy compared to books like macbeth. it's filled with rich language containing vast amounts of literary devices. the movie is also very good

Michael |

Great place to start

The new folger library editions are inexpensive and an easy way to begin with shakespeare. notes and word translations are on the left page, with "original" text on the right.