Brand : Renee French

The Ticking

Arnold magnet |

For the embossing alone...

The elegant perfection of this book can be read on its foil-stamped, cloth cover. from there things only improve.

W. carman |

Visual language

As an artist and visual story teller myself; this is one of those exquisite books that i wish i had done. telling a story with words and pictures requires a fine balance. many very wonderful stories use text to highlight pictures or pictures to highlight text. renee french has authored one of those extremely rare books where lines between text and image blur and the story becomes even more powerful as we touch it with our eyes and experience it rather than just reading it. it was after the third reading that i was finally able to go back and enjoy the book simply on the visual level. each panel could be enjoyed on the levels of surface, texture, pattern, and craft. the mystery and seeming simplicity of the imagery can't help but draw one in. there are many incredible illustrators, authors, and artists out there but very few succeed in creating a unique language with their work. ms. french has. the ticking reaffirms our need for master storytelling, the experience of books, and the importance of the visual as language.

Charles a. novich |

The critic as artist

A penetrating treatise on modern canoe paddling and not an unbeautiful description of software development in an unspecified language. the more astute interpretation is that the ticking is simply a collection of extremely puerile scores for a weaponized euphonium. ms. french gives her authoritative stand that "gravity is to water containment as drawing is to l'eau couleur peinture ." (witnessed by the municipal utilities district while gathering field data for non-towel oriented absorbent theory.)