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The Toll

Grammaj |

Justified season 5 awesome --- amazon prime not so much

Hoping that amazon is not gong to play tricks - season 6 is available and am hoping i can stream it for free --- dirty trick, amazon imho the show is awesome and i have loved it from the first episode - but i really hope that i can see the last season the same way is saw th other ones - amazon prime too many tricks with amazon prime - so many great shows we can't for 'free' and now we have to pay - and yes i know netflix is different - but it seems a bit more up front - and they do not always have the same shows etc :-(

Jon craig |

New criminals, same result

The battle between raylan (good) and boyd crowder (evil) continues with some new villains, the crowe family, thrown into the mix. boyd continues to slither out of potential catastrophes, while the crowes self destruct one-by-one. dewey crowe has to be one of the most unremittingly stupid criminals ever to grace the television screen and watching him screw up while pursuing "my dream" is simply sublime. the bodies continue to fall and raylan continues to come close to being transferred to another office, but in the end he gets his man.

Agnetha |

Another winning season

Justified season 5 is another fabulous roller coaster ride! the characters keep getting themselves into bigger jams as boyd and johnnie vie for the heroin trade in harlan county. the pretty (shady) ladies keep chasing that sexy deputy, raylan givens, and raylan gets into hot water with his boss. i'm wondering how it will all play out in season 6.