Brand : Julie Klassen

The Tutor's Daughter (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Historical Fiction)

T. murrell |

Another favorite

Emma writes a letter to a former patron of her father's school in hopes of acquiring his two youngest sons as pupils. her father has fallen into a sort of depression after the death of his wife and emma hopes to help with some new students. but the letter that arrives will completely change the course of both of their lives. emma and her father soon find themselves living with a very strange family tutoring twin boys. can emma learn to trust god with their circumstances or will she loose everything she holds dear to her? i've read several books by klassen and each time i find myself up late at night reading because i don't want to put the book down. i enjoy the historical settings, the romance, and the christian influence. but mostly i enjoy klassen's style of writing. she is able to write with such feeling that i feel as if i am living the story instead of reading about it. i can feel the wind and taste the salt of the ocean. i feel emma's fear when she senses someone in her room and the draftiness of the hallway as she tries to find the source of the noises. i can say without a doubt that julie klassen is now one of my favorite authors. i received this book free of charge from bethany house in exchange for my honest review.

Paula vince |

A wonderful romantic mystery from the regency era

Emma smallwood's widowed father is offered the private job of tutoring sir giles weston's two youngest sons, rowan and julian. she accompanies him to ebbington manon to assist him, full of nerves at the idea of encountering the twins' older brothers, who had both attended the smallwood's academy in the past. she looks forward to catching up with phillip, who she had a crush on, but dreads seeing henry, who used to tease and pull pranks on her. little does she know all that's in store for her at the weston family's cliff side mansion. strange nocturnal visits, anonymous notes pushed beneath her door and the theft of her private journal. i loved this book for many reasons. there's nothing like an intriguing historical novel with a cup of tea for a bit of luxury. this one had elements of jane austen and the brontes. it also made me think of daphne dumaurier's classic, "jamaica inn" with its shipwrecks along the treacherous cornish coast and the unscrupulous 'wreckers' who took advantage of their situation. it was the ideal setting for extreme villainy and heroism. i felt as if i knew and understood each of the characters, even the not so likeable ones. i was delighted when the story ended with a marriage proposal from the man who was so clearly right for emma, but i'd love to know how his stepmother took the news, and his brothers. coming back to the twenty-first century was a bit of a rude jolt so i took the chance to re-read the story over again, to pick up the significance of some the happenings which were shrouded with mystery the first time through. i highly recommend it.

Denise williams |

Love it!

In my opinion, one the trademarks of a good book, is how it is "paced". a lot of romance novels start slow, then in the last few chapters, the couple gets together and, "live happily ever after". what i loved about this book was that i was left wondering who emma's secret admirer was clear to the end. along with this book being a historical romance novel, it also had a "mystery" twist woven throughout it. the strange things happening at night, kept me up several nights because i couldn't put the book down! i don't want to give any of it away. read it for yourself. thank you bethany house christan publishers for providing a free copy of this book for me to review.