Brand : Rod Serling

The Twilight Zone: Vol. 3

Gotgilmour |


I bought this volume because it has my all time favorite episode "walking distance" when i watch it i always think to myself i wish i could do that. it's really a touching episode..

Duarte n. azevedo |

Twilight zone dvd

I love the twilight zone shows. rod serling is a great host and his stories for the series are great. these dvd's have great episodes. will purchase from this seller again.

Ronnie epley |

Walking distance

I have been a fan of twilight zone since the early 1960's--as a child still mystified by television. recently, as a result of modern tech., i have been fortunate enough to stroll back in time via the dvd series of tz. there seems to be a preference for the episode walking distance, understandably so. the elegiac quality of the music, dialogue, and character depictions is more than evocactive; the episode does for the viewer what the twilight zone does for martin: takes you right along with him. how brilliant this show was/is in terms of telling a story. to hear martin talking about the old proprietor of the soda fountain and then to have the door opened onto him napping strikes a resounding chord in us all who can remember a glimmering of those days. vol. 3 also has kick the can, also pleasurable along the same lines as walking distance. game of pool, good, particularly for us jack klugman fans. steel, perhaps my least favorite of all tz episodes.