Brand : Margery Williams Bianco

The Velveteen Rabbit

Coralcin |

Beautiful illustrations

Still a classic my 5 year old granddaughter snuggled in bed with me to read it! priceless! beautiful illustrations

Ras |

Touching story, wondrous illustrations

My name is collette aka coco mojo, and i buy books on amazon with the help of my buddy ron. this story by margery williams is of course a classic -- a poignant, timeless tale that is sure to touch the heart. the love of one small boy for his velveteen rabbit is not lost into the ether but breathes life into the toy, sparking it into animation with the help of a compassionate fairy who is able to take that love and turn it into something real. the accompanying artwork by donna green is, i believe, the most gorgeous and sensitively tuned of all the illustrations done by different artists for this story. her work is superlative. i especially love the trio of soft yet vibrantly colored, luminous paintings that depict the fairy giving life to the rabbit. breathtakingly beautiful. one day i plan to write a book about my lonely soul-journey as a child, wherein i desperately clung to one small velveteen equine. i plan to call the book, a velveteen donkey can never die.

Terrance d. bender |

The best book i read

I just love the classic story and it is always a good idea to read it again and again i always sit down and read when ever i can