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The Walking Dead 17: F??rchte dich nicht by Robert Kirkman (2013-03-06)

Erik |

Incredible book

The book just arrived yesterday and i cannot put it down! compelling story and excellent art to go with it! i would definitely recommend this for anyone who's a zombie fan and also follows the tv show.

Shambles |

More gore, more sickness, still the walking dead

If you've been following the series, you're gonna read vol. 5 no matter what i say, but i can tell you that the series continues and continues to entertain.

Kevin ibanez |


The show does not do this book justice. i've read this about five times now and still think its infinitely better than the show. i've never cringed at a book before. i've never shivered at a book before. i've never had to put a book down just so i could read it later before. i wish i could read the book for the first time again. kirkman is a genius. this has books 1-48. its pretty big but this book and the second compendium are the crown jewels to my library. i've never been so happy with a purchase in my life. well maybe when i bought a car, but this book is pretty close in terms of enjoyment