Brand : Andrew Lincoln

The Walking Dead - Segunda Temporada (The Walking Dead - Second Two) - Mexico

David r. criser |

Staring zombies

The acting is superb, however, the real stars behind the whole thing are the zombies. the technical violence developed against the very believable zombies is truly breath taking. the fox slaughter is wrenching, heads fly, are sliced down the middle before your eyes. no flinching here, body parts are hacked off, zombies stuck like pigs and knifed through the eyes and cranium. some times the fox arms and legs show a little rubberiness, but usually look very real. you may think that all this blood, guts and gore is violence for violence sake, but the drama of the plot and great acting save the day. the poor zombies get burnt up, blown up, crushed, squashed and shot. they are the background that abounds to keep the action almost continuous. you'll see.

Kristen |

100% awesome!

One of the coolest limited edition items out there! bluray looks awesome, but the best part is the zombie head box!

Tracey grimsley |

Walking dead

I love this show, i can't wait until it comes back on , this new season shows alot of promise but then again every episode has been a perfect 10, i must admit sundays have became my favorite day of the week because of this show , i hope the walking dead plays to run it's shows for many,many years .