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The Warriors [VHS]

Jayne carter |

Believe the hype

I was 15 when this unique movie erupted on the scene i was totally hooked; though there are many social commentries dont look for them, just get on the train & enjoy the ride as reviewers here have said never before and never again will a film so raw yet bright and absorbing be made. the black humour shines through ...ajaxs' delight that they can't run anymore from the 'furies brings a chuckle every time.............i have owned this on video for many years(incidently my copy has the opening scene before the titles missing?????????)now i'm content.if u don't enjoy this film you proberly spent your youth worrying about the food chain instead of accepting it

Psm/bokor |

A thrill ride

I will buy this movie on dvd because it is a classic.maybe it was ahead of its time - certainly, gangs are an increasing threat to society and its suburban dreams and hopes. not all gang members are easily rejected and despised; some are just pathetic. nonetheless, gangs kill innocent folk. " the warriors" have members with whom you empathize. it's a fascinating juxtaposition of love and hate. " the warriors rule;" the orphans are pathetic. this film explores a code of ethics and conduct which are often pissed upon by today's so-called, civilized society; wall steet is an example. there is a fascinating duality of violence and survival, pride versus arrogance...the baseball furries get their just desserts... it is superbly edited. the sound track is phenomenal. " the warriors" is a classic film which deserve its day in the spotlight - even if the spotlight is in coney island. oh, did i forget to mention the fight sequences? this film will get you psyched for some "boppin'" " warriors, come out to play..."

Anthony l. |

The version to own

The movie opens with an illustrated prologue such as found in the extended version of dune. the narration tells the story of an army of greek soldiers two thousand years ago that found themselves trapped one thousand miles from safety in the middle of the persian empire. this sets up the film as a story about soldiers running the gauntlet in a desperate effort to get back home to safety with everyone around them an enemy. the setting is a dark near-future; new york city where the streets controlled by rival street gangs. the warriors is one such street gang from coney island that journey along with hundreds of other gangs for a large meeting in the bronx. the warriors, unarmed and out-numbered, are framed for a murder of major gang figure, and are forced to run back to coney island with every gang and cop in the city looking for them. the transfer is gorgeous. on a standard definition tv screen, the film looks very modern, and the colors are saturated nicely. the audio is just as good. having lived near an elevated rail line, the sounds of the subway system are authentic. the 70s rock music that powers the film does more than just sound good, it helps set the pace of the story. this is the definitive version of the cult classic that director walter hill intended. the film comes with several featurettes as well as an introduction by walter hill himself. there is english 5.1 and 2.0 audio tracks as well as a french audio track. there is no commentary track. i wish there were; however, walter hill explains in his introduction that he feels that a film should speak for themselves without special explanations or apologies. i personally love commentary tracks when done by the director or core actors, but in the warriors, the lack of a commentary track forces the viewer to only see the movie as it is. the viewer isn't allowed to see the world outside the film. for a film as dramatic as the warriors this works very well. what walter hill adds to this version of the film are comic-book art style segways that bring the film back in line with the comic book origins he intended.