Brand : Rachel Hauck

The Wedding Dress (Thorndike Press Large Print Christian Romance)

S. chapel |

Four brides one wedding dress

The wedding dress by rachel hauck is a wonderful tale about 4 brides who all wore the same dress the day they were married. the story starts in 1912 and ends in the present. the dress was beautifully made and never wore out over the years. mysteriously it fit each bride perfectly. never went out of style. emily canton wore it in 1912 when she married daniel ludlow. again in 1935 mary grace wore the dress when she married her sweetheart thomas talbot. hillary saltonstall was next in line to wear the dress on september the 8th , 1968 when she married joel miller before he left for vietnam. then we are taken to charlotte malone who is last to wear the wedding dress when she marries tim rose. of coarse there's a story that goes with this dress that will capture your attention as you read though each page. you'll get to spend time with all 4 brides and get to know all of them. each one has a special part in this story . grab yourself a nice hot cup of tea, sit back and prepare yourself to be drawn into 4 different eras in time. if you like romance and stories about brides you will love the wedding dress. i enjoyed reading into the lives of each young lady and loved how rachel blended the story and bought the 4 brides together before the end. i won a giveaway on facebook by the author and i chose the wedding dress by rachel hauck as my gift. i was not asked to do a review but because i enjoyed the book i wanted to do one. if you haven't already read this book i recommend it to you

Doris turner |

I loved this book!

Enough fiction to make it intriguing while sprinkling god's word throughout. finding a wedding dress in an old trunk changes the direction of charlotte's life. loved it!

Maureen |

Weddings through time

I loved this book about "love", it is so very heartwarming and refreshing. the story begins in 2012, but again it begins in 1912. the book keeps unfolding, and the beautiful wedding dress is at the heart of this story. four different brides! yes, love is everywhere, enduring! you can just picture this beautiful dress, and then picture each bride in it. i never really expected the ending in this book, and it is such a great story, that seems to have really happened just as it is written. we live in the lives of all of the characters with the help of ms hauck...i wanted to be back in 1912, and them again at each of the three other weddings. i would read this book again and again. i highly recommend this historical fiction book! i received this book from the publisher thomas nelson, and was not required to give a positive review.