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The book of Mormon: an account written by the hand of Mormon upon plates taken from the plates of Nephi

Starwarsfever |

The best book ever

Listing joseph smith as the author is a little silly considering it had multiple authors, namely the man who abridged never the less, the best book ever. a necessary companion to the holy bible, for sure.


Book of mormon review

I have read this book of mormon and it is the best book i have ever read ! what is contained in this book is an excellent guide for a persons life. if i have a problem in life i can read and study in this book and get the answers that i need to handle the problem. it is a great comfort to have this great book and the positive out look it helps me with in my own life is priceless! thank you amazon for making it easy for someone like me to have access to such a really wonderful book.

Julie |

The real thing

Many comments on the book of mormon are not really about the book at all, but rather about mormonism. i think some of these people have never read it. about the book itself: it's like the bible, but easier in many ways. the language is a little older than many modern versions of the bible, though (like the king james version). the main original documents were handed down through generations, then condensed and compiled, so the chronology flows more smoothly, though it isn't completely continuous. theologically, it is complementary to the bible. if you've never read the bible or are just getting into christianity, it's a great place to start. if you are already devout but wonder if something's missing or if you just have questions, it's a great place to get answers. if you aren't sure what's true, it can help you figure it out. obviously i think it's inspired, and a great book. i've read it more than any other. don't take my word for it. there are plenty of other opinions. read it yourself. if you're looking for truth, pray about it and decide what you think.