Brand : Gene Stratton-Porter

The harvester,

Readalot |

A book i read as a child and loved it again after 50 years!

Wonderful old fashioned story with a refreshing clean moral story. kept my interest to the very end! went looking foe more books by this author.

Virginia allain |

Wonderful vintage romance

I can't count the number of times i've read and re-read this book. pretty sentimental by today's standards, but the basic story tells of a country man of character who falls deeply in love with a city girl who has issues. that description doesn't do justice to gene stratton-porter's touching romance, but if i had to pare my library down to just 20 books, this one would be in the "keepers."

James m. hahn |

A wonderful book.

My son was assigned this book for class and i agreed to read it with him. i had no idea what to expect but i'm so glad to have read it. the beauty of the woods, the innocence of true love, and honor of the main character give the reader a new hope and joy in humanity. this book should be required reading for our young people.