Brand : Zora Neale Hurston

Their Eyes Were Watching God

Jazt |

A window to the character's souls through superb storytelling

I absolutely enjoyed reading this classic of african-american literature. i purposely took my time to read it because i wanted to savor the author's writing. while some readers may find it difficult to understand, this was not an issue for me at all. as i read their eyes, it felt as though i was listening to the characters speak, and almost as though i was there with them, a fly on the wall, observing their lives. the author's writing style is superb. you don't have to like or agree with the characters, their decisions or their lifestyle in order to appreciate what they had to endure. the reading reminds us to appreciate the little things in life. it was a treat for me to read this book. the author was an excellent story teller.

Julee rudolf |

Shows you the importance of the performance

I tried and failed several times to read this book, a paperback copy that i picked up at a thrift store several years ago. finally, my senior in high school son was given it as an assignment. i explained that i'd tried to read it as recently as november (two months ago) and failed but i wanted to hear what he thought about the book. then i read the group assignment he and his friends wrote, which was about the use of water as a certain type of symbolism (i won't be more specific so as not to provide spoilers). at that time, i learned the plot of the book, including several important plot spoilers. even so, i was determined to "get through it" and bought the audio book, performed by ruby dee. it was absolutely mesmerizing. it was only about six hours long, which was slower reading that i normally do (i followed along with the kindle version, because we owned that too) but was always trying to get back to the book when distracted by life. i found the performance to be riveting. i could actually understand what was happening in the story. i found the writing amazing (this makes me want to "read" something else of hers, preferably performed by ruby dee). i loved the use of personification. i loved the descriptions. i loved many things about it. in the end, i realized that sometimes you need to look at (or listen to) things in a different way. by listening to this rather than trying to read it, i was able to fully appreciate a brilliant book. would i recommend the book itself to a friend? no. but i'd highly recommend the audio version. also excellent in the audio performance category: katherine kellgren and victor garber.

D. pickering |

Just what i had been looking for

My mother said she had been searching for a hard bound copy of this book for years.i found it on your website and ordered got here very quickly and was in excellant looked so good it was hard to tell it was not came so quick i was able to give it to her on time for mothers day.thanks donna