Brand : Dan Baldwin

They Are Not Yet Lost: True Cases of Psychic Detecting

Nettie |

Learning more as a psychic detective

I enjoyed this book about real mediums, psychic's written in a way that novices and skeptics can understand. it is a true account of how it all works. i am a psychic detective who has been a member of findme since 2003 until now. i would not put my name on this review if it was not a true and honest fact. dan baldwin is a remarkable person, writer and story teller. sharing tips and good information in helping me write my story. jeanette healey

George e. sewell |

The cases are often sad, by reader's definition - long lost remains are ...

There is an adage, write about what you know, that guides successful authors. dan baldwin knows much about locating people, or their remains, in places not thought, in terrain unknown, and with clues provided by a group of volunteers who pool their psychic talents. the subtitle of this intriguing book is "true cases of psychic detecting." that's exactly what it is. in short, baldwin is part of a team of people who have bona-fide psychic abilities. this means that in any number of ways, each can tap into a greater source of information to learn bits and pieces of a specific person's disappearance. now if that sounds "woo-woo" it isn't. this group is contacted by law enforcement to help them locate missing persons. they have a track record. this book presents actual cases where psychic detecting had real results. baldwin explains how psychic talents work and how they don't. a lot of misconceptions about "psychics" are dismissed with the hard-nosed reality of what such information is and is not. the cases are often sad, by reader's definition - long lost remains are finally located - but satisfying a family's closure to a missing loved one. in these accounts you follow the author from the invitation to the investigation, to assembling the team, to the information presented, and the actions based on the information. with gps the information can be very specific - and thus validated. search teams, of which baldwin is experienced, investigate targeted areas, some urban, many very remote. even skeptics of the manner by which the information is obtained can't deny the often uncanny accuracy. that's fine with the group. they are providing a public service - they volunteer their time and expenses when in the field. what do they ask for, then? call us sooner rather than later. baldwin provides much information about psychic detecting and its coordination with law enforcement at many levels. at the end, you'll likely agree - contact them at the beginning of the case.

Arden rembert brink |

Fascinating insight into the process of psychic detecting!

This is a fascinating book written by someone who has spent countless hours "hands on" with the admittedly unusual process of psychic detecting -- in his particular case as part of a group that works (with all volunteer effort!) to help locate missing persons. for those of us who might have seen popular shows like the medium on tv, dan's book gave a great insight into a more "real" version. i found it particularly interesting to gain understanding of why an individual medium or psychic can seem "wrong" because they're only seeing part of the picture and how using a larger group (as dan is part of) can hugely enhance the effectiveness. learning the different ways that the information might be "received" by the psychic and how *together* those pieces can add up to provide the missing answers really gave me a new appreciation for and understanding of the whole field. the book covers real cases, gives examples of the range of information received by the various psychics (who use many different methods), and shows the final outcome (which -- spoiler alert? -- is typically finding a body, not a living person) and he gives some touching insight into how even that knowledge, brutal as it may be, can be very comforting to a grieving family who just wants to have some kind of closure. hopefully more folks in law enforcement will read this book and come to the same conclusion that dan recommends throughout the book -- why wait to use psychic detection as a "last resort?" call them in right at the beginning and maybe that ratio of bodies vs. living people might improve, and at the very least families of missing persons would have to wait less time to have answers!