Brand : Anne Pippin Burnett

Three Archaic Poets: Archilochus, Alcaeus, Sappho

Bruce p. barten |

A scholarly treatment.

I had not realized until this year how much we are living in an age after archilochus. the philologists of germany at the time of nietzsche's education had such exalted views of archilochus that one of their experts, ulrich von wilamowitz-mollendorff in a reply to nietzsche's first book, the birth of tragedy out of the spirit of music, complained, "as unbelievable as it might sound, mr. n. has the audacity to compare archilochan poetry with folk songs . . ." future philology! a reply to the birth of tragedy by friedrich nietzsche, english translation in "new nietzsche studies," volume 4:1/2 summer/fall 2000, page 10. further research by me indicated that the footnote on page 11 of that journal, which indicated that when his girlfriend's father "refused to grant her hand in marriage to archilochus, he retaliated with such venomous satires that it is said that both the father and daughter hung themselves," might understate the number of people who hung themselves. this book helps translate the popularity of archilochus into modern english for today's scholars, with a good bit of attention for the few other poets who retain enduring interest for real folksingers and their fans. please love these people in spite of their faults, and try to appreciate the soundtracks if you ever go to movies, which continue to base plots on the themes covered in this book.