Brand : Greg & David Oliver Relin Mortenson

Three Cups of Tea

Edward henry |

An eye-opener and thought provoker

I heard a review of greg mortenson'd latest book "stones into schools" and heard the author being interviewed by the christian science monitor. the interview certainly piqued my interest and i determined to read "three cups of tea". at last it has just been released as a kindle edition here in australia and i have been able to download and read it. i was hardly able to put this book down. it has given me a whole new perspective on the muslim culture and the lives that these people live, in such barren looking parts of the world as seen from the air. this should be a "must read" for anyone interested in world affairs, religion and cultural background. i can't wait until the kindle version of "stones into schools" is released here and i can download it.

James h. graham |

I liked it

Ill agree with a few of the poor ratings. this book does tend to wander through aimlessly at times. i enjoyed that though. i am never in a rush to finish a book. i enjoy reading little details that are not really central to the book. the book does shift between the author telling the story to a person recalling an event then to the subjects thoughts. this can be a bit irritating because it is not always clear who is 'speaking' at the time. i really enjoyed the book though.

Spunkychk |

Finally an upbeat story for a change!

This great story about building schools in war torn pakistan and afghanistan gives much needed hope about the future. americans are fighting the taliban bullies over there, and i'm sure our soldiers are hopeful that eventually a sort of peace will come to the region. mortenson is working the other side of the problem right in the areas the taliban are trying to control! gradually i truly believe things can improve. at least someone has had the courage and tried. a tiny percentage of reviewers criticize this book, but i think you should read it and decide for yourself. i think you'll find this story conveys a desperately needed positive message with no pessimism. i'm so glad i read it! and if you have children, encourage them to read the "young readers" versions.