Brand : Throttle Muscle

Throttle Muscle TM5646 - Engine Scrub Super Concentrated Engine Flush Oil System Cleaner Heavy Duty Engine and Crankcase Cleaner 16 Oz

Charles m. colfax |

Seemed to do a good job on a 95k mile 5

Seemed to do a good job on a 95k mile 5.3 vortec with an unknown maintenance history. ran full gallon and 1qt mmo (capacity is 6qt) for 15 minutes at idle with quality filter. liquid was black when drained. ran 5/30 synthetic with quality filter for 1k miles then changed again to make sure no residual solvent remained in engine. "new" oil was far darker than expected after just 1k miles.

Bevin b. |

Finally got the piston rings unstuck.

We own a 2010 prius that was burning about 1 qt of oil every thousand miles. this is a known issue that affects a lot of toyota's due to an engineering design flaw in which the oil drainage holes on the pistons were drilled too small. as a result, the upper and lower piston rings and spring are not lubricated properly and become clogged with carbon build-up which causes the cars to burn oil (although toyota claims the 2010 prius is not affected. additionally, they claim that a burn rate of up to a quart per 500 miles is the cut-off for acceptable which is a freaking joke.). we are currently at a little over 1000 miles on the oil change after i treated with engine scrub and the burn rate appears to have been greatly reduced. this stuff has been the only engine treatment/flush that has seemed to work and i treated 3x with liquimoly before this oic and don't get me wrong, it removed a hell of a lot of carbon each time. i will be treating again after this oil change interval and treat regularly after that as well. i am thinking every 15k should be sufficient.

Rich dee |

This stuff works! is all i can say. ...

This stuff works! is all i can say. i saw significant improvement in the drive. my only beef is, i had to buy an extra oil for the cleaning. first, you empty the old oil, fill the engine to 75% with new oil before flushing. then, after that, you fill it with another new oil. that means, having more new oil than normal.