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Through The Narrow Gate


A new hope!

Finally...after having been drawn into following grisham's work with his first four books, i had become sorely disappointed with his last three efforts. the chamber and the rainmaker, although good stories, were too much of a let down and the runaway jury, i am sad to say, has been one of the most difficult books to read and i have yet to finish it. however, the partner was a fast, non-stop read that kept me interested throughout the entire book. the partner is reminiscent of the firm, but this time grisham sets forth an intriguing story that starts at the end and eventually presents the reader with most of the details of the true story (or is it??). the main character, patrick lanigan, can come across to some as a 'bad' guy and to others a 'hero' and that's the beauty of the story - the reader is able to make his/her own decision on why they want to root for patrick or against patrick. at the end, after you have twisted and turned and think you completely understand the story, you realize that there are even more stories that could go on about this complex, intelligent (or not so intelligent) bad guy-hero. i heartily recommend the lastest grisham novel, not only for those who have never read grisham, but also for those of you who may have lost interest and felt grisham had perhaps fallen into the 'formula' writing that can become boring and predictable. renew your enthusiasm by reading the partner! i did.

Jason m. day |

Grisham keeps you involved. hard to put down

Intriguing with an ending that was a surprise. you keep wondering how lanigan is going to get out of his situation

Kasey hamner m.s., adoption author, school psych. |

I am a new grisham fan!

I recently discovered john's work. i am an author of nonfiction and have always enjoyed true stories. however, for pure, unadulterated, can't-book-the-book-down feeling, grisham is the one. the partner has a surprise twist at the end that will leave you wondering "who can we trust?" don't miss it. kasey hamner, m.s., author of "whose child?" and "adoption forum"