Brand : Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener

Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener with 13/64" Carbide Cutter (for 3/8" pitch Stihl chains)

Amazon customer |


Product is great. takes a little practice be efficient. at first it was quicker to sharpen with a file. but with a little practice i became more effecient with this tool. make sure you order the right size for your chain tooth, and make sure you sharpen in the ccw direction. the quality and finish of the sharpener is excellent.

Jhvcpa |

Awesome sharpener.

Best way to sharpen a chainsaw. almost no way to do it wrong. the first sharpening takes a while to fix the teeth, then it goes pretty fast. i purchased direct from the manufacturer.

Ryan |

Finally i can sharpen my chains.

What a great tool. i not a professional logger but have spent alot of time attempting to sharpen my own chains. could never quite get it right. i then decided to drop my chains off to get them sharpened by ace hardware when i knew i would not need them for a week. they always came back sharp but large amounts of metal was ground off. plus the added cost of always having multiple chains sharpened gets expensive. this tool i used for the first time and did exactly as everyone described. high quality product and my chain on my stihl 362 cm can once again perform like it did when i first bought it.