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Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn

Mallory schultz |


This was a school required book....kept me guessing. boring at times but had many parts where i couldn't put the book down.

A. stamper |

Review of " the adventures of tom sawyer"

The book was for my son's assignment at school. the item arrived earlier than expected and was in great shape. packaging was sufficient to ensure no damages to the item. would purchase from this seller again.

Jack |

Jeff watts review

I thought the book expressed rasism and reality about the world as it was during their time. these issues were a concern to jim and huck but in actualality huck never realized that jim was being treated unfairly. this lets us learn that racism cannot go on and that it needs to change during our time. that is why the adventures of huckleberry finn was an outstanding novel for kids to read.