Brand : Aftermarket Replacement

Toyota Tundra 00-06 Right Rh Rear Brake Taillight Taillamp New Lens & Housing

Ralph |

Looks great

This was a blesssing for the timing in our lives, the light, and that was 10 words right there, so why do you want 2 more words to submit??

Joe from colesville |

Good quality, good price

Good quality, good price, easy to install. comes with a wiring harness and light bulbs too. only gripe is that the original wiring harness won't fit into the new lens. you'll need to use the new harness (the right answer) or file one of the lamp socket mounts to make the old harness fit (if as in my case the old harness plug and socket was corroded tightly together). fits a 2004 tundra.

Joshua d. easterly |

It looks just like the oem

All lights appear to work, it looks just like the oem. just what i wanted =) probably took me 45 mins or so to replace both of my taillights