Brand : Silvio Rodríguez


Andres huertas motta |

Beautiful, with a different outlook on life

Beautiful, with a different outlook on life. silvio defends his political convictions with poetic beauty and unashamed pride. the dream of a better world nurtures his songs.

O. m. suarez |

The most poetic one from the tríptico

When silvio was producing the three lps as part of his tríptico, i was desperately waiting for the next one. years later, looking back i still can't give an objective assessment of "vol. 2." this work came at one of of those moments in life when you "need" to listen something special, something that can go straight to your soul. what still amazes me about silvio is the extremely high level of his poetic side. unlike his outstanding music and arrangements (like that beautiful piano played by jorge aragón), for a non-native spanish speaker his poetry may be hard to grasp. he plays with words giving a whole new sense with a surrealistic touch to common phrases. in effect, under silvio's brush romantic themes are far from clichés. in silvio's world, love becomes courage, struggle, fierce battle without losing a bit of tenderness. water, rain, flowers are the common denominator of this "vol.2" making the caribbean autumn pervade through most tunes. although social consciousness is not the core in this cd, it cannot be absent: "el tiempo está a favor de los pequeños" (time is on the little ones' side) and "el reparador de sueños" (the dream mender). this latter song with its lullaby waves is quite rare in silvio's work, and is unique for its simplicity and balmy mood. amazing! my favorite? can't pick one unless -as i said- i become very subjective: "ángel para un final." this is a cd for those special moments when we need that special song. in this case you can choose from eight charming ones.

B. dominguez |


Silvio is the best expositor of trova in history, too bad he will be better recognized when he is no longer around.