Brand : John Ed Mathison

Transformed Giving Program Kit: Realizing Your Church's Full Stewardship Potential

Evelyn clark |

Threasures of the transformed life: satisfying your soul's thirst for more

This book was use my 120 people in our church as a bible study. the subjects in the book relate to the vows of membership in the united methodist church in the united states. there is also another book that can be used with it titled transformed giving that was use in our church as a stewardship campaign. the book is an easy read. john ed mathison, the author, uses biblical principals, humorous stories throughout the book that keeps the reader intrigued by his style of writing.

Jill s. stokes |

Don't give up anything for lent, add this instead!

I love this book! a few years ago our pastor had our whole church use it as a book study. we were using it to help us become more involved with stewardship in our church. i really enjoyed it. a couple of years ago i decided to reread it as part of a lenten challenge to myself. it has 40 short chapters which works out perfectly. i couldn't ask for better topics: how god loves us, prayer, how important it is to be part of your church family, etc. last year i went to get the book out for the season of lent and remembered that i had let someone borrow it (i have no idea who). i was thrilled when i saw the kindle edition. now i can't lose it! i am again reading it for lent. such a great read!

Nancy |

Good book in great shape!!

Our church has wonderful studies and this book is currently being used. the church needs participants to buy their own books and they cost nearly 20.00 retail not really in my budget. i waa able to get the book for less than half of that from amazon! the book is truly transforming and i highly recommend it for a personal read or a small group study. i was blessed enough to meet the author when he did a training about this very book. i hope you get a chance to study this and go to the training if one is in your area. you will not be sorry you purchased the book and if you are part of a small church as i am buying on amazon is a great way to make studies affordable!!