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Treasure Island (10 Minute Classics)

Richard stooker |

Great pirate story

This is a terrific adventure story. it capitalizes on the romance of piracy, while exposing the moral emptiness in an entertaining way. a story from the point of view of pirates or the ships they attacked would simply be about straight up murder, robbery and rapine. by starting out on dry land, and focusing on the treasure on a tropical island in the caribbean, stevenson is able to present the pirates as real, fearsome but pitiable people. although jim hawkins was warned to watch out for the one legged man, he and everyone else falls for the lies of long john silver -- one indication people with lost limbs were so not unusual at that time. long john silver is capable of absolute moral relativism (in modern terms). he's capable of being pleasant, friendly and seemingly reliable while plotting treachery. when his plans fail (partly because the pirates are incapable of sustained discipline), he switches sides again to sell out his friends and escape the noose, and then slips away at the end. you have to wonder why a fast food chain would be named after him. the author has a keen eye for the fun of a treasure hunt, and even keener eye for the human failings of both the good guys and bad guys.

Hope dube |

Great book.

Exciting from the start. recomend to any one who has not read it. adventure. awsome pirate story. great book for anyone who is old enough to understand and loves the sea.

Me |

Adventure on the high seas

I have only ever seen the movies, but the book was a thrilling adventure with pirates and treasure and anything else a guy could ask for!