Brand : Hamed Abawi

True Confessions of an Afghani Cabbie by Hamed Abawi (2010-01-01)

Abdullah a. |

Absolutely hilarious!!! a great read!!!

I love the images that one can picture while reading the book. it also keeps you on the edge cause you just want to keep on reading. the details are amazing and authentic. it just makes you wonder how crazy people are and at the same time how human we are. i really enjoyed reading it and was wondering if you are going to have another book soon. i would highly recommend this book for those who have not yet read it!! it is entertaining and opens your mind to the life and experience of a cabbie. we all have taken a taxi ride one point in our lives and this stuff can happen to anyone, so jump on the ride and let it take you to your destination!!!

Chuckles |

Is he a cabbie or a rock star?

Taking a cab ride in dc is an adventure for anyone. some passengers get the 'ride of their life'! after i got my ride....i had to get the book!

Maloney |

Crazy, funny, exciting, invigorating, mind boggling.....keeps you on your toes!!!!

The book is so amazing, i cant wait to read the next book. i was enthrauled by how stories like these actually could happen. we have shows about cab passengers but this, this takes the cake!!!! a video of this book would just get raves and awesome reviews. no one really knows what you're going to get for a cab ride anymore!!! you might get the boring stinky old man or you might get the crazy hamed abawi (who will take you for a ride of your life and where you end nobody knows). i would recommend this book to anyone over 18 who wants to take a ride on the seat of their pants.