Brand : Jeff Bridges

True Grit

K young |

Great remake

I don't like remakes. i am a purist. but i have to say this is one of the best remakes i have ever seen. the cast was perfect... jeff bridges is the only one who could have done john wayne's part. it was a risk but man, it paid off in my opinion. there's a little language, blood and adult themes... so not sure i'd let little ones watch but older ones probably don't see much worse on cable. try it. i believe it stands up to the risk.

J barton |

Five stars

Awesome movie. great story, character development, chemistry. entertaining, fun, envelopes you in the story and action.

Spike45 |

True grit 2010 is a solid western and a great value

Being the owner of the original true grit movie with john wayne, i wanted it for my western collection. the movie with the trailers and special features did not disappoint me. good value for the money.