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Turkey Reapers Bustin Beaks

Misto1481 |

Wild and crazy time!!!!

I can't believe that my wife even watched this entire dvd! i love the costumes and this is a must-see for any turkey hunter or fans of hunting! i never thought about crawling towards a turkey but now i gotta try this and see for myself!

Tim suchan |

Amazing, heart pounding action!!

I saw this video trailer at the iowa deer classic & i knew that this dvd would be better than other turkey hunting dvds. sure enough, this style of hunting is edge of your seat, nail biting, crazy action-packed fun! i've watched it twice so far and got a couple for friends of mine. great editing & music along with in your face turkey encounters. seriously, the best turkey hunting dvd out there. nice work turkey reapers!

Al |

Great success !

I watched this video and i thought to myself, hmmmmm. i think i will try this. i enjoy sitting for long periods of time in the same spot. this video makes me want to move. now after watching this i believe i will have the confidence to chase those dirty birds out in the open. one time i was able to chase a turkey and it did not escape, but they kicked me out of the store. also, i think i will dress up in a suit and tie for this years hunt and bring a little class to the woods. ever watch finding bigfoot? i thought i saw a yeti one time in the woods. i wonder if bigfoot has written a manifeso on his hunting techniques. i had a squirrel jump in my lap once sitting against a tree. i thought it was a bigfoot! however the squirrel was an advanced recon scout for the main sasquatch hunting party. my loud yell of surprise triggered a flurry of activity behind me.i walked back to my truck dejected from depriving a family of bigfoots from their turkey dinner. i went home, baked a peach pie and sipped a vodka martini by the moonlight. godspeed bigfoot! what an excellent movie for every hunter and sasquatch lover in your family!