Brand : William Shakespeare

Twelfth Night, or, What You Will

Teresa patrick |

Mid summer's night dream

It was a great book. shakespeare is brilliant. it was fast paced yet hooking. amazing literature this is. absolutely brilliant.

Jesse rose |

Helpful without dumbing it down.

I absolutely love these folger shakespeare library editions. they have the real shakespearean language on one page and helpful interpretations on the other page. face it, there are just some words that aren't in use anymore or that are used in a completely different manner now than they were then. these books help you realize the true meanings behind the words so you can better notice shakespeare's wit & double meanings in his word choices. i've always been a fan of shakespeare's stories, but was never able to understand everything in a play. now if i'm confused, i just look to the left & i can better find my way through it so i enjoy it on a deeper level. i used these for a level 300 college course. they don't dumb it down, they just help you find the modern meaning. very helpful.

H.a.lynn |

Another great read

I love shakespeare. he's my favorite hands down. i will always give what he writes 5 stars. this one wasn't as interesting as a few others i'm addicted to, but it was still exciting.