Brand : Twin Draft Guard

Twin Draft Guard Extreme in Navy - Energy Saving Under Door Draft Stopper

Ryan duchin |

For noise too!!

This has helped so much with the noise situation in my room! my room has high doors and conversations carry very loudly into my room. while it definitely hasn't cut them out completely it's significantly helped and at such an affordable cost. it's a little unsightly but totally worth it and it stays out of the way. i love it.

Loki of jotunheim |

Takes a good cat scratching

Fit perfecring, takes a good cat scratching, and has yet to change form, shape, etc. definately get more later.

Jeanne h. |

Does the job!

Just got the draft blocker on a 20 below stretch of weather and it fits easy under the door, does a great job keeping the draft the goes from the front door down the steps to the lower level. i notice the difference and am glad it's easy to wash the liner also.