Brand : Led Zeppelin

Uke 'An Play Led Zeppelin: 16 Led Zeppelin Classics Arranged for Ukulele TAB, Complete with Authentic Riffs and Solos!

Mindbird |


Tabs, chords and notation for quite a few zep songs. geared towards an intermediate player. for the price i paid (5) it's a bargain.

Senorv6 |

Awesome ukulele tabs of some of led zeppelin's greatest tunes ...

Awesome ukulele tabs of some of led zeppelin's greatest tunes ever recorded! having played guitar for most of my life and just now picking up the ukulele, i would consider this book for intermediate to advanced level uke players. but with just a little practice, even beginning ukulele players can pickup songs like "stairway to heaven" in no time. people have rated this book fairly low for the publishing company not including a cd with the book. i have a feeling that sometime in the past, the description for this book may have stated that a cd would be included in the purchase. however, it doesn't state that now. and while it is true that there is no cd included with the purchase of this book, the book itself is quite an accomplishment in terms of perfectly transcribed songs for the ukulele. but honestly, why would you "need" an additional cd? as far as i can tell, all of the transcriptions in this book have been transcribed in the same keys as the original studio album versions of the songs (although some of those old recordings do sound a bit flat to my ears, due to their age). if you're a led zeppelin fan, you should have those albums/cd's to the transcribed songs in your personal collection. if you don't, either purchase the mp3 versions of these songs individually on amazon or listen to the studio versions of the songs for free on sites like youtube. the lack of a cd shouldn't deter anyone from recommending this book to someone else. also, while there are easier ways to play some of the tunes in this book (for example, i've personally seen others on youtube play kashmir in more of an open string tuning, which is a bit easier for me to play than the transcription given here) this would mean that you would need to change key of the entire song. and most musicians prefer to play the songs in their original keys. i know i do. but in all honesty, the key that any song is played in should depend on the singer in the band. after all, not everyone can sing as high as robert plant can. otherwise, you can always compromise and just use a capo. the led zeppelin tune that i would have really liked to see transcribed for this book is "the battle of evermore". it's too bad that it wasn't included in the book. this song was originally recorded on mandolin. but it would have sounded great on ukulele as well. in any case, this is a really awesome book for other hard rockin' ukulele enthusiasts like myself. so, do yourself a favor and buy a copy now!