Brand : UmAid

UmAid Crystal Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp, Natural/Pink

Sherry |

Happiness in a lamp!

I love this salt lamp! mine came in about 7 inches tall and 5 inches wide at the base and was beautiful. you get a sense of calm and relaxation when you have one of these lamps plugged in! they also help purify the air. i suggest putting this on your nightstand and even having another in your family room. this lamp came on a sturdy base and all i had to do was screw in the bulb, put it in the salt lamp and plug it in. i cannot express enough how gorgeous this is! i've seen much smaller himalayan salt lamps priced incredibly higher, this is truly a wonderful deal!

Leeann pule-viernes |

Love it!

The light is brighter than i thought and the room just feels better too. we enjoy having the lamp in our home.

Antwan s. |

I really like this salt lamp

I really like this salt lamp. it's pretty heavy and sturdy. the light is easy to install and uninstall out of the salt rock. i'm really happy that it has a dimmer switch on the power cord. it can get bright but i use a medium setting.