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Under the Banner of Heaven: A Story of Violent Faith

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Well researched and well written history of religion. the violence and cruelty described could really be applied to all organized religions throughout history, but the history of the mormon fundamentalists leaves any mentally stable person speechless that it can still happen in america. very enlightening and worth reading.

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Can't stop reading it or talking about it

Krakauer's lastest book, on the surface is very different from into the wild or into thin air, though when i finished reading it i found that in many respects it is incredibly similar to his other books. under the banner of heaven seeks an understanding of what it is in human nature that drives people to do things that are generally well beyond the socially accepted norms. krakauer examined not just the murders of a woman and her child, but more importantly why the killers committed the crime, and why were they so up front and honest about what they had done. in examing why the crimes had been committed, krakauer provides an intriguing history of the lds church, albeit one that members of the modern church would heavily dispute. this history does an excellent job of providing a basis for understanding how the fundamentalists got to the point at which they did and why they continue to practice a belief system that landed most of the members of the church out of the church. this book provides an interesting insight into the nature of people. not just of those who blindly follow the flds or the lds faith, but also of those who chose to abandon the faith as well. anyone who is interested in learning more about the history of the lds church or trying to understand why and how religion has such a powerful hold on people would be well advised to read this book.


Sex, murder, and the lying liars of mormonism

We took this book on summer vacation, and my son and i competed for reading time. riveting. the book is on the face of it a detailed case study of some religious nuts, which krakauer warns are hardly confined to the mormons (e.g. the inquisition). but it is most disturbingly a condemnation of the devious ways of the non-fundamentalist mormon hierarchy, for example their embracing the concept of "lying for the lord" (i.e. use of any means to thwart the non-mormon). krakauer to his credit repeatedly reminds the reader that mormonism is subject of special scrutiny as it was started only in the 19th century so we have lots of documentation, e.g., on its charismatic and sexually obsessed founder. in any case, the reader is left to draw his/her own conclusions. in one of the best parts, the author shows the parallels between fundamentalist christianity and islam. the actions of the murderous forefathers of the newly appointed head of the us epa are described. oh - if you just like juicy sex and-murder stories, there's lots of that here too.