Brand : Unifix

Unifix-Charging Port Flex Cable Dock Connector USB Port Replacement Part for HTC One M8 Double Pin + Premium Tools

Jon |

Excellent product

I was skeptical at first and figured i would at least attempt to fix my phone with a $30 part before i spend upwards of $600 on a new phone. i'm so glad i did. prior to the install, my phone refused to charge unless the plug was cocked at just the right angle. even then, i would get a slow charging notification. i received my kit in 48 hours and it included everything shown in the picture. having the tools is a must for this project. the screw drivers are all magnetic, which is great for the tiny screws holding the phone together. i completed the breakdown and install in about one hour with no trouble. search youtube for instructions and you can't go wrong. fixed my otherwise perfectly good (three year old) phone. very impressed!

Amazon customer |

Had no problem changing the charger port in my phone ...

Had no problem changing the charger port in my phone the tools work and the part was the right one 👍. took me about 20 minutes to change it. but first i would advice to look at a couple of youtube videos so you can see how to take your htc one m8 apart !

Hound |

Just what i needed

It's the most affordable solution i could find when i needed to fix my phone. it works great and the kit helped!