Brand : Dick Sternberg

Upland Game Birds - Hunting & Fishing Library


Perfect beginners book

This is a great book for beginner upland hunters. as with all "hunting and fishing library" books i have read this one is well written and has incredible pictures. it has great sections on guns, tactics and techniques for finding birds and even a review of dogs suitable for upland hunting.

Jarl ulvin |

Great introduction to the world of upland game bird hunting

This book reads like an introductory encyclopedia for upland game bird hunting. it gives you a very good overall view of most aspects of this type of hunt. for the novice it is perfect in that it goes through all what it entails to go upland game bird hunting, as well as covers practically all species you could hunt for. the strength is that it covers most everything - what it lacks in depth does not quite matter as other litterature is available for the one that seeks to "dig in" further. i clearly recommend this book both for the novice as well as the expert that would need a reference guide.

Kcr ranch |

Good reading.

I'm not finished with it yet but i have learned things didn't know or forgot. you're never to old to learn even if you think you know everything about upland birds. i'm old and slower than i was but still like the thrill of the chase. when i'm too tired to run with the girls (dogs) i like to recline, read and reminisce.