VITATECH OVAL Silisponge Silicone Makeup Sponge Blender with zero makeup waste and amazing coverage (Clear).

Amazon customer |

Good hack? bad

Okay, here's the thing: you kind of have to ruin it to get it to apply foundation evenly. if you use it as is, it'll apply everything streaky. however, if you peel off the plasticky covering and use the sticky surface, it applies makeup quite well- as well as a sponge or brush, without soaking up product. good hack? bad? well, it worked for me.

Yasmeen |

Helps your foundation last longer!

Just got this product and i couldn't wait to try it out!!! it really is such a breeze to use and so easy to clean. i think i have found my new favorite product! word of advice use less then you normally would because this product doesn't absorb any of the foundation like the other applicators do. this is also a positive since it uses less your foundation will last longer.

Bridgett milam crooks |

Really great applicator

I bought this for myself and it was confiscated by my 13 yr old almost immediately. lol my daughter loves it, and so do i (when i get to use it). must order another!