Brand : VANS

Vans Classic Slip On (Moto Leather) Birch/White Women's 9

Mariah plassmeyer |

Vans strike again!

I love my vans. i've been wearing this brand for years. this particular pair are a little tight across my arch but i have high arches so keep that in mind. all in all, another great pair of shoes.

Ginger purvis |

Good brand!

With vans, there's a small difference between the sizing of shoes made for men and the complementary size of shoes made for women. if you are aware of this slight discrepancy, the dependability of vans makes ordering very easy. ble. a woman's shoe will be slightly roomier.

Amazon customer |

Great buy

They fit and were as i expected. i would've bought a pair from the store but they had it here for cheaper. great bargain! the shoes were brand new and the shoebox was barely damage. the shipping was great and was on time. the shoe itself does not look like they had any defects.