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Elow927 |

Great show

Don't like to watch gorrrrryyyyy shows, but everyone kept on telling me how good this show was, so i watched it, and i agree it's a great show, cant wait for the next season to start up.

Carrie taylor sanderson |

The walking dead tv series, season finale "ts-19" spoiler alert

Wow. a very short first season comes to a surprising end. after becoming addicted to the graphic novel, i was definitely filled with mixed emotion when i heard a television series was in the works. i rank the graphic novel with the highest marks possible but was not sure how it would translate when presented in episodic television format. i do admit readily, that i was disappointed by the extra characters which were not in the novel, i.e. dale and merle, what would they possibly add to the story, i think they perhaps put merle in so that he can re-emerge at some later time, unexpectedly. if you have not read the graphic novel, just pick it up, read a portion of it and you'll see why it was green-lighted for tv. it is otherwise brilliant. now in the season finale, they do away with a character or two, i guess which is why there are extras put in in the first place. the doctor in this episode is convincing and yes, i did shed a tear or two. i cringed a little when shane tried to explain himself to lori during a drunken moment. i wonder how much longer his character will last. if you are walking dead graphic novel fan, you know that by now, shane (rick grime's good buddy) should be dead. also carol's abusive husband was not a character in the series but was spoken of as a memory or a flashback, if you will, when carol is opening up to someone, i believe it was lori. rick never told morgan (guy in his neighbor's house after he returned after his coma) that he would continue contact via walkie talkie. i will not spoil it too much and just say, read the novel, dude. at this point in the story for tv, someone is pregnant. woops, i had to drop that in in case you needed more incentive to continue watching. although this is a different animal, it is still robert kirkman's creation, perhaps a test tube or birthed by a surrogate but it still has his dna and therefore, i will stick around to see how the story-lines are treated. will the governor be appearing soon, michonne? when and where? who will they cast? i appreciate that the "walking dead" are not supernaturally strong beings as in other zombie movies or stories. that just doesn't make sense. if dead tissue were somehow reanimated, why would it return from decay and death to be even stronger and sturdier than when it were alive and well. that simply doesn't make any sense. curiosity, if nothing else, will keep me in for the long haul! so many twists and turns, possibilities to expand on the original story as outlined in the novel. i have been won over and hopefully, they will keep me coming back for more every week.

Karen |

I love the walking dead!!!

I am a huge fan of the walking dead. i had to have this dvd. i ordered the 2 disc dvd set. this is a great dvd set to add to my collection. i do have season 3 and 4. i'm not sure why i have those before season 1 and 2. but at any rate, my dvd's of season 1 arrived in excellent shape. there are bonus features: making of the walking dead, inside the walking dead; episodes 1-6, behind the scenes. another dvd features extra footage: zombie school, bicycle girl, etc... i can't wait till the new seasons come on and then i am on pins and needles the whole time the show is on. my husband and friends know when the walking dead is on - leave me alone! i can now watch any episode i want thanks to the dvd's. i am pleased with this dvd set. i paid full price for this product.