Brand : Margery Williams

Velveteen Rabbit Library Edition (Read-Along Audio CD Included)

Sandy p. |

Granddaughter not realizing how nice it is

I bought this for my grt.granddaughter not realizing how nice it is. she just turned two so mom is putting it on the top shelf for when she is old enought to appreciate it, so am not sorry one bit that i bought it.

Athelas |

Charming bed time story for children and adults.

My wife loved this book as a child and has an ugly doll that might as well be her velveteen rabbit. so i bought this on my kindle last night and read it to her as a bedtime story. a charming tale that is perfect for reading to a child (or a wife!) in one sitting. a nice tale about what it is that makes something or someone "real". highly recommended to parents who like to read bedtime stories to their children.

C. chua |

A timeless classic

What more needs to be said. this is a timeless classic that is short, to the point and very poignant.