Brand : Vermont Maple Sriracha

Vermont Maple Sriracha All Natural Hot Sauce

Catherine frongillo |


This is delicious! the first day i had it, i put it on everything i ate. i brought it to thanksgiving and the family loved it as well. it is very flavorful and has a decent amount of kick which is balanced perfectly with a touch of sweetness. excellent sauce. unlike any other sriracha.

Monica c. |


Got this as a gift for my boyfriend because he loves maple syrup and sriracha sauce. he thinks it tastes more like sriracha, and less maple-syrupy, but we can always add maple syrup to taste :) it's still a solid sauce though.

Pete |

What an amazing combination of sweet and spice.

What an amazing combination of sweet and spice. i have used this sauce in chili, on pork tenderloin and even a little dab on cheese and crackers.