Brand : Henry David Thoreau

Walden or Life in the Woods: The 100 Greatest Books Ever Written


Consider the source

[... insightful comments edited out by] ...walden gives us glimmers of american creativity at a time when this is all-too hard to find. read de tocqueville, sure, but read emerson and thoreau as ballast.

Evan hockridge |


Such a refreshing way of looking at life that we should all learn for ourselves. invites the reader to come to his or her own conclusions about the world around us instead of shoving a opinion down our throats.

@finchgirl10 |

Shipped to kindle

This was required for a grad school class and i ordered the kindle version - cheaper. it shipped quickly, immediately even, and i had no issues with it whatsoever. the only negative is navigating out of the footnotes (it's heavily annotated) back to the book. however, i think that is more my issue with not knowing the ins and outs of the kindle app!