Brand : Nick Masesso Jr.

Walking the Midway in Purgatory: A Journal

Dobie |

Shadowing one's life

The book has a mystical way of transporting you into the middle of the action. i felt as though i was living these stories with the author. the realism was surreal at times. this is a mist reading for those who enjoy researching and digesting the past.

Johnny cocarue |

A generations voice

This is a new voice regarding the generation born in the 1940's. the author is at times angry, sad, often funny and writes some meaningful poems that make you feel and think. it is an easy and quick read, but its better to muse over the thinking behind the words. a good book if you like to stay current with world events and their effect on individuals.

Kate y. melton |

Living in the 60's

His writings are very rivetting. after growing up in that time period, i was able to relate to much of his memories.