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Wanderlust: The Life of a Globetrotting Chef

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Highly recommended for personal and community library collections as both a biography and a cookbook

"wanderlust: the life of a globetrotting chef" is the personal story of joe mannke and begins just prior to world war ii in omerania (a territory divided between german and poland) and the free city of danzig. the ravages of war necessitated joe to begin at the age of 14 as an apprentice in the culinary arts associated with the hotel bayerishcher hof in munich in 1956. by the age of 21 joe was in america, having previously worked in south african hotel kitchens of durba, johannesburg, and port elizabeth. once in america he obtained employment at the stork club, then the sonesta hotels. by age 27 he assumed the position of executive chef for anthony's pier four. then in 1971 when disney opened their 'magic kingdom' in orlando, florida, joe became executive chef for the contemporary resort hotel and polynesian village with a staff of more than 100 chefs and the production of over 20,000 meals a day. three years later joe was working in houston for the hyatt regency as its food and beverage director and executive chef. then in 1978 joe opened his own restaurant, the rotisserie for beef and bird in houston, texas. all of this impressive culinary memoir and more are laid out in "wanderlust" along with occasional illustrations and a great many recipes ranging from banana rum cake and bermuda fish chowder; to sauteed veal medallions in mustard sauce to chilled gazpache. unique and memorable, "wanderlust" is highly recommended for personal and community library collections as both a biography and a cookbook.

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Joe mannke, chef

Very interesting and dynamic story. great look at personal history in a crucial era of world history. wonderfully incorporating food as central theme. life's needs prevail regardless.