Brand : Karen Abercrombie, T.C. Stallings, Priscilla C. Shirer Alena Pitts

War Room

Debs |

Powerful christian movie!

One of the best christian movies i've ever seen! the trailer showed an old woman who looked like a "holy roller" who was off her rocker, a wacked-out religious fanatic. but in the movie, you get to know her first before she gets all impassioned, and you trust her later when she's impassioned that she has a good reason to be. it's a great and powerful story. it's impacted my life. i wish every christian would go see it. and if a non-christian sees it, they may make the conversion by the time they leave.

Felisa jane |

Transforming and entertaining!!

A first rate movie! this film has built my faith, taught me some things about the value of prayer and revealed to me the need for prayer strategy. we have watched it several times in our family so far, and still want more. each time, we come away not just entertained, but fed, uplifted, strengthened and ready to fight well! we humans are transformed by what we see, and this movie packs a powerful impact on viewers. the actors are eye candy, the sets are too. the dramatic story line interweaves humor and word with skill and a high degree of god's anointing. the kendrick brothers' expertise grows with each movie they produce. praise god!

Jtilmon |

Cheesie? no

Just saw war room. pretty convincing.......being a christian movie. the story was up to date and relevant. for this kind of movie the stars pulled it off pretty good. if you have a heart, will see the point.