Brand : Waring

Waring Commercial MX1500XTS Reprogrammable Hi-Power Blender with Sound Enclosure and Stainless Steel Container, 64-Ounce

Mark |

From the morgue to mom's kitchen---a perfect machine

This is the machine that pathologists use to liquify human body parts. it is that good. we had to get scintillation counts on an 84 year scientist who had been exposed to plutonium as a young man. basically the entire body had to be sliced with a band saw and blended into a liquid. this machine did the job. it turned a human hand into frothy pink liquid in about thirty seconds. the long bones took a bit more time but they too were liquified. this machine is a dream. and in case you think that it's only good for autopsies we made margaritas in the same machine for years. and they were perfect. admittedly you'll want to clean it pretty well after you shred granddad (hair in your drink is a big turn-off) but the job will get done.