Brand : Washburn

Washburn WA20 Acoustic Amplifier

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Very surprised!

Ok, i wrote a review on the wa30 washburn amp and was very well pleased with it. i ordered the wa20 used from amazon last week. i received it yesterday and played the same guitar i play through my wa30 and to be honest i can't tell much difference. now keep in mind the wa30 is a 30 watt amplifier. and the wa20 is only 12 watt. i know that in a larger setting the wa20 would not be large enough. but for home and a small group of people it will work just fine. in fact it might even work where i've been using the wa30. it really sounds good! i can honestly say that washburn knows how to make a really quality acoustic amplifier. i am far from an expert on these kind of things. but basically these amps take the already good or even bad sound your guitar makes and reproduces the sound with a louder sound. which is what you want from an acoustic amplifier. reproduce the sound just louder. well worth the money.