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We Are Twisted F***ing Sister! [Blu-ray] - Collector's Edition

Donald watson |

Must see!

This was amazing to watch! i was a kid in the early years of ts, but they are still one of my favorite bands. it was really cool to go back in time and see how things started to come together. i hope they make another one to cover the greatest successes, too!

Joseph laterza |

Best live band ever!!!

I saw the premier in hollywood and much to my surprise dee was there with his wife, the movie was just spectacular as a fan that was there back in the day i could not say how many times i went to see twisted sister but i could relate to the record company guy that tried so hard to convince his boss to sign them. over the years i myself would drag people to a show and plant them right in the front and say get ready to get your head blown off! i have the dvd and i’ve watched it a few times already. even if you have never seen twisted get this dvd, and see the struggle of one of the best live bands ever!!! thank you twisted sister for so many great times!

Harpospeaks |

Twisted sister fans, are you still hungry? feast on this flick!

Ok, so i was disappointed that they didn't cover ts's mtv-and-after days. but in truth, that's the only quibble i have with this movie. this is no 45 minute, watered-down behind the music b.s. this is a serious, 2+ hour documentary on a great rock and roll band. when it was over, i wanted more. and that says a lot about the band, and this movie. highly recommended, especially for any other smf's out there.