Brand : Figgy Duff

Weather Out The Storm


Darth figgy

These are the canadian gods of the dark side of the celtic soul. their non-euclidean rhythyms recall the cyclopean architecture of borobudur in musical form.

Mark g. ross |

Great cd!

Heard this song on a celtic online radio station. this whole cd is fabulous. its been in my 5 cd player for 2 months now. this singer has a wonderful voice.

Anonymous |

Figgy duff's tour de force

With this album, figgy duff began to focus on their own songs while continuing to embrace the newfoundland tradition that had earned them considerable acclaim up to that point. the result is a recording that revitalizes the old and reinforces the new. from the opening notes of the title track, a change is discerned, as this original song favours the more haunting aspects of the roots from which it is drawn, a style that suits the velvet voice of pamela morgan just fine, thank you. the same quality is observed in "snowy night" and "inside a circle". ancient selections are well represented here as well, but they too bear the confident stamp of mature interpretation, such as "jealous lover/wedding waltz" and "woman of labrador". the longest piece is the remarkable "yankee skipper", a collection of jigs, reels, and other stock pieces that swirl around a well honed verse and chorus. another standout is the instrumental "rumboldt" which begins sweet and wistful and ends, well, sweet and vivacious. weather out the storm is the most consistently satisfying release by this venerable band, and one of the best albums ever to come out of newfoundland.