Brand : Tamara Lovatt-Smith

What Alice Forgot

J.hampton. |

Five stars

This book is like almost every woman i know, busy, moving forward, and focused on achieving the next goal on her hectic to do list. until, it slows you down, forcibly, by erasing the memories of the past ten years from alices life. this book turned out, unexpectedly, to be a wonderful reminder of what the truly important things really are in a person's life, and it isn't finishing the to do list.

Jberg |

Good quality read.

I finally enjoyed this novel. i cried my eyes out on some parts because they were emotional, but not overdone. not exactly a beach book, but i read it on the beach anyway. i found excuses not to clean the house just so i could continue reading. well done, i downloaded another of her novel's on my kindle.

Kathy |

This was a very good read. hard to put down

This was a very good read. hard to put down. it takes place over a short period of time but then moriarty back tracks to explain why alice has these feelings. i wanted to say alice wake up!!! her mother was really fun and her sister helpful but had her own issues. moriarty really keeps your attention even till the end i wanted to hug all of them.