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What To Say When You Talk To Yourself

Cheryl lynn brown |

Positive thinking from another perspective

This was a very good read. i refer to it often. this is a book that i can read over and over again. the seller of this book delivered in a timely manner and i was very pleased with this transaction. i would definitely over from them again.

Jason kadlec |

Good book!

Very easy to use concepts. have read many "idea books that do not give a practical way to ue the information. this book tied it all together very well.

Integrigity keeper |

If you struggle with your mindset, this is the book for you!

I own a home based business and the number one thing that people i coach struggle with, is mindset. they have continuous thoughts playing in their head because of negative things others have told them. i ask someone who is struggling in this area of mindset to read this book because it is truly what we say when we talk to ourselves that matters most. if you would not let somone verbally abuse you, then why would you verbally abuse yourself through negative talk or thoughts. this book is an eye openener and if you read this book and are not forever changed, then you need to read it again. love, love this book and all of shad helmstetter's books for that matter. the gift is also one of my favorites!!!